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Hpaducli Download Rpm From Windows
Hpaducli Download Rpm From Windows

hpaducli download rpm from windows


Hpaducli Download Rpm From Windows --




















































Hpaducli Download Rpm From Windows



rating (97% score) - 2 votes Getting the HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU) and the Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) for Linux to work was non-trivial. Use these files: installation. Ive corrected the post using your input. DOWNLOAD FILE. ThanksJuergen!Share this:Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window)RelatedPublished inTechnoblogHPp400xenserver Previous Post Away with the Bozos. Go to, click support & drivers at the top. If you are like me with the DL380 G3 (32-bit), youll want Also, if you use yum, you dont need to install the compat packages, yum automatically chooses the best one. THANKS! => ctrl all show status Smart Array 5i in Slot 0 (Embedded) Controller Status: OK Cache Status: Not Configured Smart Array 6400 in Slot 1 Controller Status: OK Cache Status: Temporarily Disabled Battery/Capacitor Status: Failed (Replace Batteries/Capacitors) Cheers, Jakub Reply Ben Menking says: 2010-01-15 at 05:32 The hpsmh rpm package in the post is for 64-bit. HP needs to innovate again! Next Post Euro crisis for dummies 18 Comments Dimitris MingosHello, I followed your instructions. The problem was that you need to Restart the firewall service: # service iptables restart and then type at your browser abd you can see the hp array configuration interface. Like this:Like Loading. BUT I am unable to load the web interface. Im sorry about that.Cheers, Jan May 26, 2015 Reply JuergenHow can it work with Xen server 6.5? It is 64 bit. I can actually get hpshm up and going, but again no controllers appear in either cpqacuxe or hpacucli. git-new-workdir Like this:Like Loading. I did not get it to work on a Proliant DL180 G9. Please help me. Just type help and you will find commands to show and modify your arrays. Jan PenninkhofBetween tech and madness lies creativity open primary menu twitter facebook google-plus linkedin youtube hacker-news ESP8266 BlogsCookies Recent posts Setup SUSE 12 SP1 for SAP HANA Express Edition UI5 Custom Control for QR Codes Minimizing UI5 apps footprint to run from an ESP8266 OpenUI5 boilerplate based on OLingo, JPA and Spring Boot ESP8266 based Veranda Control Box Over-the-Air ESP8266 programming using PlatformIO Really no excuses for not starting ESP8266 IoT experiments anymore Because every house needs Wifi How to get Jenkins to build and deploy an OSv Unikernel Mosquitto Unikernel using OSv and Capstan Search Search My TweetsMy TweetsBlogrollHaseenahs Hide-outHongKiat.comMarketing factsSingapore AngleStijn's blog ArchivesOctober 2016August 2016April 2016February 2016January 2016December 2015September 2015August 2015June 2015May 2015March 2015February 2015January 2015November 2014March 2014November 2013January 2013December 2012November 2012October 2012August 2012July 2012June 2012May 2012August 2011June 2011March 2011February 2011October 2010January 2010December 2009November 2009July 2009March 2009January 2009December 2008August 2008July 2008May 2008January 2008September 2007June 2007May 2007January 2007November 2006May 2006April 2006March 2006February 2006January 2006December 2005November 2005July 2005February 2005January 2005November 2004October 2004August 2004April 2004November 2003October 2003September 2003August 2003July 2003April 2000 How to install HP Array Config Utility (ACU) on XenServer 6.0 or XenServer 6.5 Published by Jan Penninkhof on June 20, 2012Get and install the software first:If you have XenServer 6.0, you can get it with the commands /tmp wget wget rpm -ihvhpsmh-7.3.0-9.i386.rpm rpm -ihvcpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.i386.rpmFor XenServer 6.5 you need 64-bit versions of these archives:cd /tmp wget wget rpm -ihv hpsmh-7.2.2-8.x8664.rpm rpm -ihv cpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.x8664.rpmAfter installing the software for your version of XenServer, make sure ACU traffic is allowed:vi /etc/sysconfig/iptablesSearch for:-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-host-prohibitedInsert the line below right before the line found:-A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW -m tcp --dport 2381 -j ACCEPTRestart iptables:service iptables restartStart the GUI tools/etc/init.d/hpsmhd start cpqacuxe -RAccess HP Array Config Utility through: You should be able to login using your root-account and the password you set for it.Update 26-09-2015: Added instructions for XenServer 6.5. mfg JAF Reply Cal says: 2009-04-15 at 06:03 Thanks Mikko.


You can use that report to check what has failed in case you controller or array status is not OK. Installed fine. Any suggestions Thank you September 2, 2012 Reply Dimitris MingosHi again. All material is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, unless otherwise indicated. DOWNLOAD FILE.. It installed and I could access the website, but the tool could not find the controller and disks. Personal Links My company Twitter View Full Profile → Follow Me On Twitter Follow kortsi Proudly powered by WordPress . First, sorry for my English. October 7, 2015 Reply JarnoAh wait, theres an error above:Detected Xen Server 6.5.0-90233c The zlib package or binaries are missing! Please install the zlib-1.1.4 or later RPM package. Post navigation Previous PostLenovo ThinkPad X300 Ubuntu 8.04 Installation NotesNext PostApache HTTP authentication to Active Directory with Kerberos 8 thoughts on “HP Array Configuration and Diagnostic Utilities on Linux” Radu Prodan says: 2008-10-03 at 14:15 Hello, I hope I can find help here. ADU CLI is distributed using Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) packages To start the application: If /usr/sbin is already added in your path, just type: # hpaducli -f or # /usr/sbin/hpaducli -f More options can be found by "hpaducli -help" or "hpaducli -h Generating Array Diagnostic Report using the HPACUCLI Type: hpacucli ENTER If the hpacucli program is installed, it will take you inside the hpacucli program Type: ctrl all diag file=/tmp/ ENTER The above command generate the HP Array Diagnostic report in a .zip format. The contents of the zip file depends on the version of HP ACU version used. How can I find? I try to install hpacucli with some steps from forums and I got this: hpacucli HP Array Configuration Utility CLI 7.70-12.0 Detecting Controllers&Done. It does not seem to be supported anymore, but I managed to get it working on CentOS 5 running on an HP ProLiant DL185 G5. Required Packages are missing! error: %pre(hpsmh-7.3.0-9.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 1 error: install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping hpsmh-7.3.0-9 [[emailprotected] tmp]# rpm -ihv cpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.i386.rpm error: Failed dependencies: is needed by cpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.i386 is needed by cpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.i386 is needed by cpqacuxe-9.40-12.0.i386 October 7, 2015 Reply JarnoInstalled HP SNMP Agents and HP Systems Management Homepage on XenServer, now it works! October 7, 2015 Reply Jan PenninkhofGood to hear that you got it to work Jarno! October 7, 2015 Reply RhysGreat article. I have updated the blog post accordingly. When I make a rebuild (from Bios) I have to wait 180-240 minutes. It should still work though.Btw, I noticed the the tricks I described in the blog also dont play nice with XenServer 6.5. Required fields are marked * Comment Name* Email* Website Please enter an answer in digits:twenty + 1 = Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Attribute using my name, "Mikko Kortelainen", and a link to this site, preferrably directly to the article in question.

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